Saturday, February 4, 2012

Getting an "Old" Education

Have you ever had a real "light bulb" moment? You know, the kind when you slap your forehead and think, "I've been wrong about this ALL my life!" Well, I've been having those over and over for the past few days. Of course, I have to blog about it. Hopefully, it will help someone else out there to have some of their own "light bulb" moments.

It all started when I read a book that a friend loaned to me called "The Coconut Oil Miracle" What an eye opener. I've been eating the wrong oils!! I thought I was being health conscious. uh... WRONG! How could government agencies and Dr's have it so so wrong?

In the back of the book there is a link to the Weston A. Price Foundation website. I seriously had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I am not just eating the wrong oils... I'm eating the wrong, well, everything. But it all makes so so much sense now.

So all these years I've been struggling with PCOS, Fibromyalgia, Celiac Disease, weight-gain, and severe fatigue. Now I find out that I could have been healing my own body. I need to start right now!! Where can I find grain fed meats? Whole real milk? Chickens and eggs that are soy free and free to run?? The right oils? Yikes it feels too big. SO I will have to take it a step at a time.

Come with me on my journey. I'll be honest. I'll tell you how I'm feeling. I'll tell you how the kids like it. I'll tell you how hubby likes it. I'll share our recipes and I hope you will share your's too!

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